Financial Support

York’s Graduate program in History attempts to provide reasonable funding to all students admitted to the MA or PHD degrees who meet certain requirements and who are in good standing in the program. There is no separate application for funding, either at the point of initial application or once accepted into the program. If you are eligible (normally in cases where you have achieved a B+ average in your previous degree), you will be automatically considered.

Full time MA students can expect 12 months of support. Full time doctoral students can expect up to six years of support as long as they remain in good standing and register as a full-time candidate in the program. This commitment distinguishes York from other Canadian universities: York’s Graduate program in History can offer a total package of funding for six years of the doctoral degree.

Support usually takes a number of forms, in combination, depending upon each application and year of study. Full time MA students accepted to the York program can expect to receive a minimum of approximately $9,000 in funding. Full time PHD students can expect to receive a minimum of $21, 041 in their first year. This support is made up of scholarships and assistantships. Students coming into the program with major external scholarships may have their funding packages adjusted.

The Department and York offer a wide range of scholarships, bursaries, and other research support in addition to your funding. Please visit Current Students - Financial Information and Awards for more information.