Courses 2019–2020

Course Number Credits Term Title Instructor Day Time
GS HIST 5001 3 F Doing History: An Introduction
(MA students only)
M. Johnson T 2:30 - 5:30
GS HIST 5002 3 F Preparing Historians for the Twenty-First Century:  An Applied History Practicum B. Cothran W 2:30 - 5:30
GS HIST 5033 3 W Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome J. Trevett M 11:30-2:30
GS HIST 5172 3 W State and Society in Canada, 1945 to the present M. Martel T 8:30 - 11:30
GS HIST 5480 3 W The Making of Asian Studies: Critical Perspectives Laam Hae R 2:30-5:30
GS HIST 5542 3 F Nature and Society in the Pre-Industrial World: Global Environmental History from the 1400s to the 1800s C. Coates W 11:30-2:30
GS HIST 5543 3 W Nature and Society in the Industrial World: Global Environmental History since Industrialization J. Bonnell M 11:30-2:30
GS HIST 5561 3 F Issues in Comparative Women's and Gender History: Part I, The Late Eighteenth and Ninteenth Centuries M. Johnson R 4:00-7:00
GS HIST 5562 3 W Issues in Comparative Women's and Gender History: Part II, The Twentieth Century A. Rubenstein R 4:00-7:00
GS HIST 5580 3 W Social History Workshop (to be confirmed) R 8:30-11:30
GS HIST 5701 6 Y Modern Cultural History M. Shore & E. Jones-Imhotep W 10:30-1:30
GS HIST 5730 3 F Media History: Concepts and Case Studies Jan Hadlaw T 11:30-2:30
GS HIST 5740 3 W History of Things: Objects, Representation, and Display Katharine Anderson W 11:30-2:30
GS HIST 5751 3 F Food in World History R. Koopmans W 2:30-5:30
GS HIST 5752 3 W Themes in Food History R. Koopmans W 2:30-5:30
GS HIST 5831 3 F Evolution and Victorian Culture B. Lightman W 11:30-2:30
GS HIST 6030 6 Y Selected Topics In The History of  Canada (PhD students only) M. Shore T 2:30 - 5:30