Course NumberCreditsTermTitleInstructorDayTimeFormat
GS HIST 50013FDoing History: An IntroductionLadd-TaylorMonday11:30Ð2:30in-person
GS HIST 50253WThe Conflict of Religions in the Roman EmpireHarlandFriday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 51723FState & Society in Canada: 1945 to PresentMartelMonday8:30Ð11:30in-person
GS HIST 52303WRace, Gender and American PoliticsLadd-TaylorWednesday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 54003FHistory of Shanghai 1800 to 2000FogelWednesday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 55323FThe North American ExperienceJenkinsFriday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 55433WNature and Society in the Industrial World: Global Environmental History since IndustrializationBonnellMonday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 55623WWomen & Gender Part II 20th CenturyRubensteinFriday2:30Ð5:30
GS HIST 55643WHistories: Women, Genders, Sexualities (X-listed with GFWS)Friday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 55903WTransnational and Global HistoriesShubertMonday2:30Ð3:30
GS HIST 57016YModern Cultural HistoryTBA & SchotteThursday2:30Ð5:30
GS HIST 57513WFood in World HistoryKoopmanTuesday11:30Ð2:30
GS HIST 57703FLanguages, Empires and NationsDurstonTuesday11:30Ð2:30in-person
GS HIST 58306YContexts of Victorian Science (X-listed with HUMA)LightmanWednesday2:30Ð5:30in-person
GS HIST 60306YThemes in Canadian HistoryMcPhersonTuesday2:30Ð5:30