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Dr Edmund Abaka

1998 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Kola Nut Production in Ghana (Gold Coast and Asante) 1865-1920
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History and Director of Africana Studies Program,  University of Miami

Dr Mark Abraham

2014 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Marc Stein) You Are Your Own Alternative: Performance, Pleasure, and the American Counterculture, 1965-1975

Dr Kiyoaki Adachi

1991 (May)

  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) The National Policy in the World Economy: Studies in Canada’s Foreign Trade, 1877-1890
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Yokkaichi University, Japan

Dr Funke Aladejebi

2016 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Michele Johnson)  Girl You Better Apply to Teacher's College:  The History of Black Women Educators in Ontario, 1940s-1980s
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, University of New Brunswick

Dr Hayley Andrew

2016 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) The Reluctant Stork: Science, Fertility, and the Family in Britain, 1943-1960)
  • Current Employment:  Senior Program and Education Coordinator at Historica Canada

Dr Cristina Arrigoni

2015 (May)

  • Ducks and Deer, Profit and Pleasure: Hunters, Games and the Natural Landscapes of Medieval Italy

Dr Philip Atsu Afeadie

1996 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Sydney Kanya-Forstner) The Hidden Hand of Overrule: Political Agents and the Establishment of British Colonial Rule in Northern Nigeria, 1886-1914
  • Current Employment: Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana

Dr Kristine Alexander

2010 (November)

  •  (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) The Girl Guide Movement, Imperialism and Internationalism in Interwar England, Canada and India
  • Current Employment:  Canada Research Chair in Child & Youth Studies, University of Lethbridge

Dr Dimitry Anastakis

2001 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Christopher Armstrong) Auto Pact: Business and Diplomacy in the Creation of a Borderless North American Auto Industry, 1945-1971
  • Current Employment:  Professor, Department of History, Trent University

Dr Alvyn James Austin

1996 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Pilgrims and Strangers: The China Inland Mission in Britain, Canada, the United States and China 1865-1900
  • Current Employment: Member, Department of History, Brock University

Dr Paul D. Axelrod

1979 (November)

  • (Supervisor: M Katz) The Economy, Government and the Universities of Ontario: 1945-1973
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas, Faculty of Education, York University

Dr Dan A. Azoulay

1991 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Peter Oliver) Keeping the Dream Alive: The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation/New Democratic Party of Ontario, 1951-1963
  • Current Employment:

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Dr Rainer K. Baehre

1985 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Peter Oliver) The Ill-Regulated Mind: A Study in the Making of Psychiatry in Ontario, 1830-1921
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor and Historical Studies program Chair, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dr Douglas O. Baldwin

1973 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Jack T. Saywell) Political and Social Behaviour in Ontario, 1879-1891 A Quantitative Approach

Dr Alban Bargain

2012 ( November)

  • (Supervisor: William Irvine), The French and German Socialists in Hostile Environments, 1920-1933/40

Dr Katherine Bausch

2014 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Mark Stein), He Thinks He's Down: White Appropriation of Black Masculinities in the Civil Rights Era, 1945-1979
  • Current Employment:  Instructor Gender & Women's Studies Trent University

Dr Sylvie Beaudreau

1992 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Quebec and the Problem of French Canadian Emigration to the United States, 1840-1896
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, State University of New York (Plattsburg)

Dr Rebecca Beausaert

2013 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) Benevolence, Bicycles and Qulting Bees: Leisure, Class and Gender in Small-Town Ontario, 1870-1914
  • Current Employment:  Sessional Instructor University of Guelph

Dr Michael D. Behiels

1978 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Prelude to Quebec’s ‘Quiet Revolution’: The Re-Emergence of Liberalism and the Rise of Neo-Nationalism, 1940-1960
  • Current Employment: Professor and University Research Chair in the Department of  History, University of Ottawa

Dr Carl Eric Benn

1995 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The Iroquois in the War of 18 12
  • Current Employment: Faculty Member, Department of History, Ryerson University

Dr Matthew Bera

2009 (November)

  •  (Supervisor: Irmgard Steinisch) Managers and Entrepreneurs: Chief Business Managers in the Organisations of the Machine Building and Iron Steel Industries in Weimer and Nazi Germany

Dr John Patrick Bingham

1997 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Michael H. Kater) Weimar Cities: Assimilating Urban Modernity in the Weimar Republic, 19 19-1933
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History, Dalhousie History

Dr Franklin Bialystok

1997 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) Delayed Impact: The Holocaust and the Canadian Jewish Community 1945-1985
  • Current Employment: Sessional Lecturer, University College, University of Toronto

Dr Raymond B. Blake

1991 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) The Making of a Province; Newfoundland’s Integration into Canada, 1948-1957
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Regina

Dr Bela Bodo

1998 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Michael Kater) The Function of Selection in Nazi Policy Towards University Students, 1933-1945

Dr Daphne Bonar


  • (Supervisor: T. J. A. Le Goff) Local Conflict, Local Ties: Society and the State in Seventeeth-Century Auvergne
  • Current Employment:  Manager, Degree Development and Academic Pathways at George Brown College

Dr José Antonio Brandao

1994 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) ‘Your fyre shall burn no more’: Iroquois Policy Towards New France and her Native Allies to 1701.
  • Current Employment : Professor Department of History, Western Michigan University

Dr Gail Cuthbert Brandt


  • (Supervisors: Ramsay Cook and Michael Katz) ‘J’y suis, j’y reste’ : the French Canadians of Sudbury, 1883-1913
  • Current Employment: Professor Emerita, Department of History,  University of Waterloo

Dr Robert Matthew Bray

1977 (January)

  • (Supervisor Ramsay Cook) The Canadian Patriotic Response to the Great War
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritus,  Department of History, Laurentian University

Dr Patrick H. Brennan

1989 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) “A Responsible, Civilized Relationship:” Reporting the Nation’s Business, 1937-1957
  • Current Employment :  Professor Emeritas, Department of History, University of Calgary

Dr Jean-François Brière

1980 (January)

  • (Supervisor: John F. Bosher) L’armement français pour Ia pêche à Terre-Neuve au XVIIIe siècle
  • Current Employment : Professor Emeritus of French Studies at the University of New York at Albany

Dr Tarah Brookfield

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Kate McPherson) Our Deepest Concern is for the Safety of our Children and Their Children: Maternal Solutions to Cold War Fears in Canada and Abroad, 1950-1980
  • Current Employment : Associate Professor, Department  of History, and Youth & Children's Studies program, Wilfrid Laurier University-Brantford

Dr Ruth Compton Brouwer

1987 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Canadian Women and the Foreign Missionary Movement: A Case Study of Presbyterian Women’s Involvement at the Home Base and in Central India, 1876-1914
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas, Department of History, University of Western Ontario

Dr Benjamin Bryce

2013 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) Making Ethnic Space: Education, Religion and the German Language in Argentina and Canada, 1880-1930
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Professor in Department of History, University of British Columbia

Dr Daniel Bullard

2012 (June)

  •  (Supervisor: Irmgard Steinisch) "Vergiss nicht unsere Kolonien!"German Colonial Memory from 1919 to 1943

Dr Jodi Burkett

2009 (July)

  •   (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) Radicalism, Race and National Identity in Britain, 1958-72
  • Current Employment:  Principal Lecturer and Subject leader in History at University of Portsmouth, UK

Dr Kristin Burnett

2006 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Katherine McPherson) The Healing Work and Nursing Care of Aboriginal Women, Female Medical Missionaries, Nursing Sisters, Public Health Nurses, and Female Attendants in Southern Alberta First Nations Communities, 1880-1930
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay

Dr Heiderose Brandt Butscher

2001 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Martin Fichman) Lorenz Oken and Nineteenth-Century German Romantic Science. Transformation from “Naturphilosoph” to Professional Scientist through the Institutionalization of Science
  • Current Employment: Part-time faculty with Humanities Division, Arts, York University

Dr Penny E. Bryden

1994 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) Liberal Politics and Social Policy in the Pearson Era, 1957-1968
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Victoria


Dr Thorald Burnham

2006 (August)

  • (Supervisor: David Trotman) Immigration and Marriage in the Making of Post-Independence Haiti

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Dr José Cairus


  •  (Supervisor: Anne Rubenstein) The Gracie Clan and the Making of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: National Identity, Culture and Performance, 1905-2003

Dr Christine Campbell


  • (Supervisor: Timothy J. Le Goff) Chanlon-sur-Saône in the Nineteenth-Century: A Demographic Study
  • Current Employment: Financial Advisor, TD Bank

Dr Mariana Candido

2006 (July)

  • (Supervisor : Paul Lovejoy), Enslaving Frontiers: Slavery, Trade, and Identity in Benguela, 1780-1850
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Notre Dame

Dr Valentina Capurri

2010 (June)

  •  (Supervisor: Patricia Wood), Canadian Public Discourse around Issues of Inadmissibility for Potential Immigrants with Diseases and Disabilities,1902-2002
  • Current Employment:  Contract Lecturer, Ryerson University

Dr Marcel Caya

1981 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Stevens), La formation du parti libéral au Québec, 1867-1887
  • Current Employment : Professeur, département d’histoire, Université du Québec à Montréal

Dr Jack Cecillon

2007 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Yves Frenette) Language, Schools and Religious Conflict in the Windsor Border Region: A Case  Study of Francophone Resistance to the Ontario Government's Imposition of Regulation XVll, 1910-1928
  • Current Employment:  Course Instructor at Glendon College, York University

Dr Anthony B. Chan

1979 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Jerome Ch’en)  Chinese Warlords and the Western Armaments Trade, 1920-1928

Dr Madeleine Chartrand

2017 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Doug Hay) Gendered Justice: Women Workers, Gender, and Master and Servant Law in England, 1700-1850

Dr Lisa Chilton

2002 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Kate McPherson), Emigration of English Single Women to Canada and Australia, 1862-1930
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, and Director, Applied Communication, Leadership & Culture Program,  University of Prince Edward Island

Dr Jim Clifford

2011 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) A Wetland Suburb on the Edge of London: A Social and Environmental History of West Ham and the River Lea, 1865-1914
  • Current Employment:  Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at University of Saskatchewan

Dr Colin M. Coates

1992 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Fernand Ouellet) The Boundaries of Rural Society in Early Quebec: Batiscan and Sainte-Anne de Ia Perade to 1825
  • Current Employment: Canada Research Chair in Canadian Landscape, Associate Professor, Canadian Studies program, Glendon College, York University

Dr John Humphrey Colhoun

1976 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Gabriel Kolko), The Frustration of Power: United States Military Policy, 1945-60

Dr Patrick Joseph Connor

2012 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Douglas Hay), "The Purest of Gifts:" Royal Clemency, Patronage, and the Politics of Identity in Upper Canada, 1791-1841
  • Current Employment:  Contract Faculty, York University

Dr David Grosvenor Coombs

1978 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Jack T. Saywell), The Emergence of a White Collar Workforce in Toronto 1895-1911

Dr Barbara Jane Cooper

1989 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Susan Houston) “That We May Attain to the End We Propose To Ourselves...:” The North American Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1932-1961

Dr Raphael Costa

2014 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Adrian Shubert) Making the New Lourinha a European Lourinha: Democracy, Civic Engagement, and the Urban Development of Lourinha, Portugal, since 1966

Dr Mark Cox

1990 (April)

  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) The Transformation of Regulation: Private Property and The Problem of Government Control in Canada, 19 19-1939
  • Consultant

Dr Paul Morgan Couture

1981 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) The Politics of Diplomacy: The Crisis of Canada-France Relations, 1940-1942

Dr Tom Crawshaw

2013 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Ian Gentles) Military Finance and the Earl of Essex's Regular Army: 1642-1644
  • Current Employment:  Postmaster, Watson's Phamacy & Wellness Centre (Ottawa)

Dr Ken Cruikshank

1988 (October)

  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) The Limits of Regulation: Railway Freight Rate Regulation and the Board of Railway Commissioners, 185 1-1933
  • Current Employment:  Associate Professor, Department of History, McMaster University

Dr Diana Cucuz

2016 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Molly Ladd-Taylor)  Winning Women's Hearts and Minds: U.S. Cultural Diplomacy and Consumerism in the Soviet Union, 1953-1959
  • Current Employment: Instructor Ryerson University

Dr James Cullingham

2014 (February)

  • (Supervised by Carolyn Podruchny and Anne Rubenstein) "Scars of Empire: A Juxtaposition of Duncan Campbell Scott and Jacques Soustelle"
  • Current Employment:  Professor of Broadcast Journalism at Seneca College

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Dr Luigi D’Alonzo

2000 (December)

  • (Supervisor: William Irvine), The Strange Death of Liberal Italy: A Study in the Politics of Modernization (1919-1925)

Dr Ann Davis

1973 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) An Apprehended Vision: The Philosophy of the Group of Seven

Dr Chris Dawson

2016 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Jonathan Edmondson) Intimate Communities. Honorific Statutes and the Political Culture of the Cities of Africa Proconsularis in the First three Centuries CE

Dr Valerie Deacon

2011 (February)

  • (Supervisor: William Irvine) The 'Other' Resistance: The Extreme-Right in France During the Second World War
  • Current Employment:  Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor in History at New York University, Shanghai campus

Dr Dagomar Degroot

2014 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Richard Hoffmann) The Frigid Golden Age: Experiencing Climate Change in the Dutch Republic, 1560-1720
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Professor of Environmental History in the Department of History at Georgetown University

Dr. Maurice Demers

2010 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) Pan-Americanism Re-invented in Uncle Sam's Backyard: Catholic and Latin Identity in French Canada and Mexico in the First- Half of the 20th Century
  • Current Employment: Tenure track position at the Unviersity of Sherbrooke

Dr William den Hollander

2012 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Jonathan Edmondson) Hostage to Historian: Josephus, the Emperors, and the City of Rome

Dr Juanita De Barros

1998 (June)

  • (Supervisor: David Trotman) Contested Territories: Public Space in Colonial Georgetown, 1889-1924
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, McMaster University

Dr Linfu Dong

2001 (July)

  • (Supervisor: William Westfall) The Search for God in Ancient China: James Mellon Menzies, China Missionary and Archaeologist

Dr Bruce Douville


  • (Supervisor: William Westfall) The Uncomfortable Pew: Christianity, The New Left, and the Hip Counterculture in Toronto, 1965-1975
  • Contract Employment:  Part-Time Contract Faculty at Algoma University

Dr Angela Durante

2015 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Kathryn McPherson) The Visual Politics of the Female Form in 1920s Canada
  • Current Employment:  Portrait photographer, Dukat Studios, and owner, Schoolhouse B&B

Dr Eric Dussault

2011 (January)

  •  (Supervisor: Suzanne Langlois) " Les Mythes e la réalité de «l' âge d'or de Saint-Germain-des Prés (1945-1960)» de1945 à nos jours"

Dr Patrice Dutil


  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The Politics of Liberal Progressivism in Quebec : Godfroy Langlois and the Liberal Party, 1889-1914.
  • Current Employment: Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University

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Dr Evgeny Efremkin

2014 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) At the Intersection of Nations, Diasporas, and Modernities: North American Finns in the Soviet Union in the 1930s.
  • Current Employment:  Contract Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Political Administration at Ryerson University                                                                                            

Dr. Jason Ellis

2011 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Axelrod) Backward and Brilliant Children: A Social and Policy History of Disability, Childhood, and Education in Toronto's Special Education Classes, 1910 to 1945
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Dr Jennifer Ellison

2010 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Kathryn McPherson) Large as Life: Self-Acceptance and the Fat Body in Canada, 1977-2000
  • Current Employment: Curator, Sport and Leisure, Canadian Museum of History

Dr Sarah Elvins

2001 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore) Local Sales and Celebrations: A History of Retailing, Marketing, and Consuming In Western New York State, 1920-1940
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Manitoba

Dr Matthew Evenden

2000 (June)

  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) Fish Vs. Power: Remaking Salmon, Science and Society on the Fraser River, 1900-1960
  • Current Employment : Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, University of British Columbia

Dr Geoffrey Ewen

1998 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) The International Unions and The Workers’ Revolt in Quebec, 1914-1925
  • Current Employment: Coordinator of the Canadian Studies program , Glendon College, York University

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Dr Magda Fahrni


  • (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) Under Reconstruction: The Family and the Public in Postwar Montréal, 1944-1949
  • Current Employment: Professeure, département d’histoire, Université du Québec à Montréal

Dr Barry Glen Ferguson

1982 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The New Political Economy and Canadian Liberal Democratic Thought : Queen’s University, 1890-1925.
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History,  University of Manitoba

Dr. Gilberto Fernandes

2014 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) Of Outcasts and Ambassadors: The Making of Portuguese Diaspora in Postwar North America
  • Current Employment:  Postdoctoral Fellow with the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies at York University

Dr Ruth A. Frager

1986 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) Uncloaking Vested Interests: Class, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Jewish Labour Movement of Toronto, 1900-1939
  • Current Employment:: Associate Professor, Department of History, McMaster University

Dr R. Douglas Francis


  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Frank H. Underhill: Canadian Intellectual.
  • Current Employment: Professor  Emeritus, Department of History, University of Calgary

Dr Christopher J. Frank

2003 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Douglas Hay), “Constitutional Law versus Justices’ Justice”: English Trade Unions, Lawyers and the Magistracy, 1842-1862
  • Current Employment : Associate  Professor, Department of History, University of Manitoba

Dr Brian J. Fraser

1982 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook), ‘The Christianization of Our Civilization’: Presbyterian Reformers and the Defence of a Protestant Canada, 1875-1914.
  • Current Employment:  Professor of Church History,  Vancouver School of Theology

Dr Pamela Fuentes

2015 (February)

  • The Oldest Professions in Revolutionary Times: Madames, Pimps and Prostitution in Mexico City, 1920-1952

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Dr Robin Ganev

2004 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Jeanette Neeson) Popular Ballads and Rural Identity in Britain, 1700-1830
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Regina.

Dr Xavier Gélinas

2001 (October)

  • (Supervisor : Ramsay Cook) La droite intellectuelle québécoise et la Révolution tranquille, 1956-1966.
  • Current Employment: Curator, Political history, Canadian Museum of History/Conservateur, Histoire politique, Musée canadien de l'histoire.
  • @xgelinas.

Dr Richard Gilmour

June 2004

  • (Supervisor: Marc Egnal) Imagined Bodies and Imagined Selves': Cultural Transgression, 'Unredeemed' Captives and the Development of American Identity in Colonial North America, 1520-1763
  • Current Employment: Independent Researcher

Dr Larry A. Glassford

1985 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Michiel Horn) Canadian Conservatism in Crisis: A Study of the Federal Conservative Party During the R. B. Bennett Years, 1927-1938
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Education, University of Windsor

Dr Sarah Glassford

2007 (June)

  • (Supervisor: H.V. Nelles) Marching As To War: The Canadian Red Cross 1885-1939
  • Current Employment:  Archivist, Leddy Library Archives & Special Collections, University of Waterloo

Dr Jamie Glazov

1997 (March)

  • (Supervisor Jack L. Granatstein) Canadian Policy Toward Nikita Khrushchev’s Soviet Union
  • Current Employment: Managing Editor of

Dr Laura Godsoe

2011 (February)

  • (Supervisor: William Irvine) 'Pour la grandeur de la patrie et nous mêmes.' Reading Women's Colonial Work in the Pages of the Women's Press in France, 1870-1914

Dr Christopher Grafos

2016 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) Canada's Greek Moment:  Transnational Politics, Activists and Spies During the Long Sixties

Dr Christine Grandy

2008 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) Truly She loves No Other Class, Nationalism and Desire in Popular British Culture, 1914-1939
  • Current Employment:  Senior Lecturer in the School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln, UK

Dr Janet Jarme Green

1975 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Stevens) Government and Wildlife Preservation, 1885-1922: The Emergence of a Protective Policy
  • Current Employment:

Dr Michele Green

1988 (February)

  • (Supervisor: S. Eisen) Sympathy, Self-Interest, And The Revision of Benthamism: The Development Of John Stuart Mill’s Moral And Social Philosophy, 1826-1840

Dr Allan Greer

1980 (February)

  • (Supervisor: T. J. A. Le Goff) Habitants of the Lower Richelieu: Rural Society in Three Quebec Parishes, 1740-1840.
  • Current Employment: Professor of History at the University of Toronto.

Dr Aitana Guia-Conca

2011 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Adrian Shubert) Deepening Democracy: The Muslim Struggle for Civil Rights and Belonging in Spain Since 1975
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Professor of History, California State University Fullerton

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Dr Mandy Hadenko

2014 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Myra Rutherdale and Gina Feldberg) "Talking About Down There: The Development of a Public Discussion of Cervical Cancer in the Twentieth Century"

Dr Laila Haidarali

2007 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Molly Ladd-Taylor) The Vampingest Vamp is a Brownskin: Colour, Sex, Beauty and African American Womanhood 1920-1954
  • Current Employment: Lecturer at the University of Essex, England

Dr Ibrahim Hamza

2009 (Nov)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Cargill's Mistakes: A Study of British Colonial Policies in Madaki District, Kano Emirate Northern Nigeria c. 1903-1919

Dr Sheila Hanlon

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) The Lady Cyclist: A Gender Analysis of Women's Cycling Culture in 1890s London
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Head of Sixth Form, The King Alfred School (London, UK)

Dr Dawn Harris

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: David Trotman) Endurance Vile: Bodies, Punishment, and Discipline in Barbados and Jamaica, 1834-1900

Dr Ralph Ripley Heintzman

1977 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook), The Struggle for Life: the French Daily Press of Montreal and the Problem of Economic Growth in the Age of Laurier, 1896-1911

Dr Jarett Henderson


  •  (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) "Uncivil Subjects: Metropolitan Meddling, Conditional Loyalty and Lord Durham's 1838 Administration of Lower Canada"
  • Current Employment:  Lecturer, Department of History, University of California-Santa Barbara

Dr T. Stephen Henderson

2003 (April)

  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) A Provincial Liberal: Angus L. Macdonald, 1890-1954
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History, Acadia University

Dr Elmar J. Henrich


  • (Supervisor: Tom Cohen) Peasants, Militiamen, Bounty Killers And The State: A Social Geography Of Life And Death In the Lucchese Mountains (ca. 1570-1650)

Dr Ian Hesketh

2006 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore), Making the Past Speak: The Science of History in Victorian Britain
  • Current Employment: Senior Research Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, The University of Queensland

Dr Andrew Carl Holman

1994 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Susan Houston) Aspects of Middle-Class Formation in Victorian Ontario Towns: Galt and Goderich, 1850-1891
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts

Dr Thomas Hooper

2016 (December)

  • (Supervisor:  Marcel Martel) Enough is Enough:  The Right to Privacy Committee and Bathhouse Raids in Toronto, 1978-83

Dr Daniel Horner

2010 (December)

  •  (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) Taking to the Streets: Crowds, Politics and Identity in Mid-Nineteenth Century Montreal
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University

Dr Leslie Howsam

1988 (November)

  • (Supervisor: A Tucker) The Bible Transaction: A Publishing History of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1804-1864
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Windsor

Dr Angela Hug

2014 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Jonathan Edmondson)  Fecunditas, Sterilitas, and the Politics of Reproduction at Rome
  • Current Employment: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Classics, McMaster University

Dr James P. Hull

1985 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Tom Traves) Science and the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry, 1903-1933
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History at UBC Okanagan

Dr Doug Hunter

2015 (May)

  • (Supervisor:  Carolyn Podruchny) Stone of Power: Dighton Rock, Colonization and the Erasure of an Indigenous Past

Dr Jennine Hurl-Eamon

2001 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Nick Rogers) Voices of Litigation; Voices of Resistance: Constructions of Gender in the Records of Assault in London, 1680-1720
  • Current Employment:  Professor, Department of History, Trent University

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Dr Franca Iacovetta

1988 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Working-Class Immigrants: Southern Italians in Post-War Toronto, 1946-1965.
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto (Scarborough)

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Dr Rafaela Jobbitt

2016 (September)

  • Medical Practitioners and the Colonial Project: Medicine, Public Hygiene and the Contest Re-Colonization of Sao Tome and Principe, 1850-1926
  • Current Employment:  Lecturer and Researcher at Lakehead University


Dr Gregory Allan Johnson

1989 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) North Pacific Triangle?: The Impact of the Far East on Canada and Its Relations With The United States and Great Britain, 1937-1948
  • Current Employment: Academic Co-Ordinator in the Department of History at
    Athabasca University

Dr Jennifer Jones

1991 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Ian Gentles) The War In the North: The Northern Parliamentarian Army In the English Civil War, 1642-1645
  • Current Employment: Senior Economic Policy Advisor, Government of Ontario

Dr Ibrahim Muhammad Jumare

1995 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Land Tenure in the Sokoto Sultanate of Nigeria
  • Current Employment: Faculty Member, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Nigeria

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Dr. Mohamed Kassim

2008 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) The Bravanese Ulama and the Islamic Intellectual Tradition of the Benadir Coast in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Dr Katrina Keefer

2015 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Mission Education in Early Sierra Leone, 1793-1820
  • Current Employment:  Adjunct Professor, Department of History, Trent University

Dr Greg Kennedy

2008 (April)

  • (Supervisor: T. LeGoff) French peasants in two worlds: A comparative study of rural experience in seventeenth and eighteenth century Acadia and the Loudunais
  • Current Employment:  Associate Professor of History, and Research Director of the Institute d'etudes acadiennes,  Université de Moncton

Dr Sean Michael Kennedy

1998 (June)

  • (Supervisor William Irvine) Reconciling The Nation Against Democracy: The Croix de Feu, The Parti Social Francais and French Politics, 1927-1945
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor (Department of History) at the University of New Brunswick

Dr Jeff Keshen

1992 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) The Great War At Home And Abroad: Information Management In Canada vs. Life In “Flanders’ Field”
  • Current Employment: Vice-president, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Dr. Sean Kheraj

2007 (December)

  • ( Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) Inventing Nature's Past: An Environmental History of Stanley Park
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, York University

Dr Bruce Kidd

1990 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Christopher Armstrong) Improvers, Feminists, Capitalists and Socialists: Shaping English Canadian Sport in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Current Employment: Vice President, University of Toronto and Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough

Dr Norman James Knowles

1992 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook), Inventing the Loyalists: The Ontario Loyalist Tradition and the Creation of a Usable Past, 1784-1924.
  • Current Employment:  Professor of History, St Mary’s University College, Alberta

Dr Femi James Kolapo

1998 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Military Turbulence, Population Displacement and Commerce on a Slaving Frontier of the Sokoto Caliphate: Nupe c. 1810-1857
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Guelph

Dr Jeremy Koop

2011 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Irmgard Steinisch) The Political Ramifications of the Two Kingdoms Doctrine in the Nazi Period: A Comparatative Study of the German Christians, the Confessing Church and the Mennonites

Dr Sophia Koutsoyannis

2010 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Anne Rubenstein) Immoral but Profitable: The Social Cultural History of Cabarets in Mexico City (1920-1965)
  • Current Employment:  Humanities and History teacher at Marianopolis College

Dr Colleen Elizabeth Kriger

1992 (September)

  • (Supervisor Paul Lovejoy) Ironworking in 19th Century Central Africa
  • Current Employment: Professor, University of North Carolina

Dr Rob Kristofferson

2003 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) Craft Capitalism: Craftworkers, Industrialization, and Class Formation in Hamilton, Ontario, 1840-1872
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor Canadian History/Contemporary Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University

Dr Mark Kuhlberg

2002 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Saywell) “In the Power of the Government”: The Rise and Fall of Newsprint in Ontario, 1894-1932
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Laurentian University

Dr Gerard Simanga Kunene

1992 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) British Colonial Policy in Swaziland, 1920-1960

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Dr Alain Laberge

1987 (October)

  • (Supervisor: T. J. A. Le Goff) Mobilité, établissement et enracinement en milieu rural: le peuplement des seigneuries de la Grande Anse sous le Régime français (1672-1752)
  • Current Employment: Professeur titulaire département d’histoire, Université Laval

Dr Alexis Lachaine

2007 (May)

  • (Supervisor: R. Perin) Black and Blue: French Canadian Writers, Decolonization and Revolutionary Nationalism in Quebec, 1960-1969
  • Current Employment:  Course Director, Canadian Studies/ History at York University, Glendon

Dr. Benjamin Lander

2009 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) Mass-Observations and British Society, 1936-1949
  • Current Employment:  Faculty Member, Department of History, Dawson College

Dr Mathieu Lapointe

2010 (December)

  •  (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) La Comité de Moralité Publique, l'Enquête Caron et les Campagnes de Moralité Publique à Montréal, 1940-1954

Dr David A. Lenarcic

1991 (January)

  • (Supervisor Jack L. Granatstein) Where Angels Fear to Tread: Neutralist and Non-Interventionist Sentiment in Inter-War English Canada

Dr Frank Leonard

1988 (December)

  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) “A Thousand Blunders”: The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company and Northern British Columbia, 1902-1919
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas, Department of History, Douglas College (New Westminster)

Dr Charles Morden Levi

1998 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Axelrod) Where the Famous People Were? The Origins, Activities and Future Careers of Student Leaders at University College, Toronto, 1854-1973
  • Current Employment: Archivist, Archives of Ontario

Dr Philip Colin Levy

1976 (June)

  • (Supervisor; A. Tucker) A Nobler Humanity: A Study of the Influences of Poverty and Community on the Self-Education of Working Class Men Born in Britain Between 1780 and 1850

Dr Abril Liberatori

2017 (December)

  • (Supervisor:  Roberto Perin)  Family is Really All Over The Place:  Ethnic Identity Formation Within A Transnational Network

Dr Varpu Lindstrom

1986 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Susan Houston) Defiant Sisters; A Social History of the Finnish Immigrant Women in Canada, 1890-1930

Dr. Cynthia Loch-Drake

2013 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) Unpacking 'Alberta Beef': Packinghouses during the Era of National Pattern Bargaining, 1947-1979
  • Current Employment:  Contract Faculty, Schulich School of Business, York University

Dr Jennifer Lofkrantz

2008 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Ransoming Policies and Practices in the Western and Central Bilad al-Sudan c 1800-1910

Dr Benjamin David Lowinsky

1984 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Gabriel Kolko) The Enigma of U.S. Policy toward Germany: American Perceptions and Foreign Policy Objectives Regarding Germany Between 1917 and 1924
  • Current Employment:  Professor Emeritas, Division of Social Science, York University

Dr Brittany Luby

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Dr Brian MacDowall

2017 (June)

  • (Supervisor: William Wicken) ' A Flag that Knows No Colour Line': Aboriginal Veteranship in Canada, 1914-1939

Dr Karen Macfarlane

2008 June)

  • (Supervisor: D. Hay) Minority Justice: Ethnic Minorities and Criminal Justice in London, 1724-1800
  • Current Employment:  Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of Toronto

Dr Lynn Patricia Elizabeth Mary MacKay

1991 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Nick Rogers) Myths of Power: The Knowing of London Poverty, 1790-1815
  • Current Employment: Coordinator of the Gender and Women's Study Programme at Brandon University

Dr Pascal Maeder

2007 (August)

  •  (Supervisor: Irmgard Steinisch) Forging a new Heimat: Expellees in Post-War Germany and Canada
  •  Current Employment: Assistant professor at the University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr Thomas Malcomson

2008 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Nick Rogers) Creating Order and 'Disorder' in the British Navy: The North American and West Indies Station 1812-1815

Dr Adrian Mandzy

1998 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Orest Subtelny) Entrepot of the Ukrainian Steppe Frontier: An Urban History of Early Modern Kamianets-Podilsky, Origins to 1672
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Morehead State University

Dr Lynn Sorrel Marks

1992 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Susan Houston) Ladies, Loafers, Knights and “Lasses”: The Social Dimensions of Religion and Leisure in Late Nineteenth Century Small Town Ontario
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Victoria

Dr Marcel Martel

1994 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook), Les relations entre le Québec et les francophones de l’Ontario: de la survivance aux ‘dead ducks’, 1937-1969.
  • Current Employment: Professor and Holder of the Avie Bennett Historica Chair in Canadian History, Department of History, York University and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Dr Janice Matsumura

1994 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Bob Wakabayashi) “More Than a Momentary Nightmare”: Thought Control and the Yokohama Incident
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Simon Fraser University

Dr James J. Matthews

1999 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Bernard Luk) The Union Jack on the Upper Yangzi: The Treaty Port of Chongoing, 1891-1943
  • Current Employment: Independent Researcher

Dr Colin McCullough

2013 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore) "We are the Blue Berets": Problematizing Peacekeeping in Postwar Canada
  • Current Employment:  Adjunct Professor, McMaster University and Ryerson University

Dr Virginia McKendry

1998 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Nick Rogers) Embodied Politics: The Pictorial Romance of the British Royal Family c. 1760-1860
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, School of Communication and Culture, Royal Roads University

Dr Sheryl Stotts McLaren

2001 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury), Becoming Indispensable: A Biography of Elizabeth Smith Shortt (1859-1949)
  • Current Employment: Independent Researcher

Dr Erin K. McLaughlin-Jenkins

2001 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Bernard Lightman) Common Knowledge: The Victorian Working Class and the Low Road to Science, 1870-1900

Dr Jane McLeod

1987 (January)

  • (Supervisor John Bosher) A Social Study of Printers and Booksellers in Bordeaux from 1745 to 1810
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Brock University

Dr. Colin McMahon

2010 (September)

  •  (Supervisor: Stephen Brooke) "Ports of Recall: Memory of the Great Irish Famine in Liverpool and Montreal"
  • Current Employment:  Contract Faculty, York University

Dr Sheila McManus

2001 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Kate McPherson) ‘The Line which Separates’: Race, Gender , and the Alberta-Montana Borderlands 1862-1892
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Lethbridge

Dr Janice Rae McTavish

1996 (December)

  • (Supervisor Richard Jarrell) The Role of the Headache and its Treatment in American Medical Practice Prior to World War II

Dr Frederick David Millar

1980 (December)

  • (Supervisor Irving Abella) Shapes of Power: The Ontario Labour Relations Board, 1944 to 1950

Dr Fiona Alice Miller

2000 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Gina Feldberg) A Blueprint for Defining Health: Making Medical Genetics in Canada, c. 1935-1975
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy, Mangement and Evaluation, University of Toronto

Dr. Ian Milligan

2011 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) Rebel Youth: Young Workers, New Leftists and Labour in English Canada, 1964-1973
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor of Canadian history at the University of Waterloo

Dr. Susanna Miranda

2010 (June)

  • (Supervsor: Roberto Perin) Not ashamed or Afraid: Portuguese Immigrant Women in Toronto's Cleaning Industry, 1950-1995
  • Current Employment: Senior Information and Privacy Advisor for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Dr Janet Miron

2004 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore) “As in a Menagerie”: The Custodial Institution as Spectacle in the Nineteenth Century
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Trent University

Dr Behnaz Asl Mirzai

2004 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Slavery, The Abolition of the Slave Trade, and the Emancipation of Slaves in Persia (1828-1928)
  • Current Employment:  Associate Professor, Brock University

Dr Wendy Lynn Mitchinson

1977 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Stevens) Aspects of Reform: Four Women’s Organizations in Nineteenth Century Canada
  • Current Employment: University Research Chair and Professor, Department of History, University of Waterloo

Dr Leila Gay Mitchell-McKee

1982 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Voluntary Youth Organizations in Toronto, 1880-1930

Dr Serge Miville

2016 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Marcel Martel)  L'Historien dans la cite l'oeuvre intellectuelle de Donald Creighton et de Michel Brunet
  • Current Employment: tenure track position and Chair in Franco-Ontarian History at Laurentian University

Dr David Mizener

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) Sport and Identity in Rural Southern Ontairo, 1900-1970
  • Current Employment: Educator at St. Clement's School

Dr Stephen Moore

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Nick Rogers) Losing Minorca: An Event in English Political History

Dr James E. Moran

1998 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Susan Houston) Insanity, The Asylum and Society in Nineteenth-Century Quebec and Ontario
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor (Department of History) at the University of Prince Edward Island

Dr. Ian Mosby

2011 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Kathryn McPherson) Food Will Win the War: The Politics and Culture of Food and Nutrition During the Second World War
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Professor, Department of History, Ryerson University

Dr Alexandra Mosquin

2003 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore), Advertising Canada Abroad: Canada on Display at International Exhibitions, 1920-1940
  • Current Employment: Architectural History, Parks Canada (Historical Services Branch)

Dr James Muir

2004 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Craven) Civil Law in Colonial Halifax: Merchants and Craftsmen, Creditors and Debtors
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History and Classics and the Faculty of Law at University of Alberta

Dr Bruce William Muirhead

1986 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein), Canadian Trade Policy, 1949-57: The Failure of the Anglo-European Option
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Waterloo

Dr Ismael Musah-Montana

2007 (June )

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Sudan Tunis: The Black Slave Community of the Regency of Tunis, 1800-1890
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor of History at Northern Illinois University

Dr Laurence B. Mussio

1994 (December)

  • (Supervisor H. V. Nelles) Altered States: Telecommunications as a Government Responsibility in Canada, 1945-1975
  • Current Employment: Author of several books; senior research and strategic communications consultant to executives in the public and private sectors; lecturer in history and communication, McMaster University, Hamilton.

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Dr Stacey Nation-Knapper

2015 (September)

  • (Supervisor:  Carolyn Podruchny) N-Ikwkw-min: Remembering the Fur Trade in the Columbia River Plateau
  • Current Employment: Postdoctoral Fellow in the L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History at McMaster

Dr Elaine Naylor

1999 (November)

  • (Supervisor: Molly Ladd-Taylor) “It’s Going to Be a Place of Commercial Importance”: Frontier Boosterism in Jefferson County, Washington, 1850-1890
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Mount Allison University

Dr James Naylor

1988 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Tom Traves) The New Democracy: Class Conflict in Industrial Ontario, 1914-1925
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Brandon University

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Dr Olatunji Ojo

2003 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Warfare, Slavery, and the Transformation of Eastern Yorubaland (South-Western Nigeria), c. 1820-1900
  • Current Employment: Visiting Professor, Department of History, Ohio University

Dr Vanessa Oliveira

2016 (February)

  • (Supervisor:  Jose Curto) The Donas of Luanda, c. 1770-1867:  From Atlantic Slave Trading to 'Legitimate' Commerce
  • Current Employment: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Toronto

Dr Dean Oliver

1996 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein) When the Battle’s Won: Military Demobilization in Canada, 1939-1946
  • Current Employment: Director, Historical Research and Exhibit Development, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

Dr Kwabena Opare Akurang-Parry

1998 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) “Missy Queen in Her Palaver Says de Gole Coase Slaves is Free”: The British Abolition of Slavery/Pawnship and Colonial Labor Recruitment in the Gold Coast (Southern Ghana), 1874-ca. 1940
  • Current Employment: Faculty Member, Department of History and Philosophy, Shippensburg University

Dr Ogenga Otunnu

1997 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Sydney Kanya-Forstner) Political Violence in Uganda, 1890-1985
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Brock University

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Dr. Elizabeth Palmer

2012 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Kathryn McPherson) Choices and Compromises: The Abortion Movement in Canada, 1969-1988

Dr Howard D. Palmer

1973 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) Nativism and Ethnic Tolerance in Alberta, 1920-1972

Dr Nancy Kay Parker

1998 (March)

  • (Supervisors: Douglas Hay/Susan Houston) Reaching A Verdict: The Changing Structure of Decision-Making in the Canadian Criminal Courts, 1867-1905

Dr. Alia Paroo

2012 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) Aga Khan III and the British Empire: The Ismails in Tanganyika, 1920-1957
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor in African and Islamic History at Texas A&M International University

Dr Jacques R. Pauwels

1976 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Michael H. Kater) Women and University Studies in the Third Reich, 1933-1945
  • Current Employment: Independant historian, author

Dr. Eric Payseur

2013 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) Making Polish-Canadian Identities: Generation, Gender, Politics and the Rise of the Polish Canadians from 1950's to the 1980's

Dr. Thomas Peace

2011 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Carolyn Podruchny) Two Conquests: Aboriginal Experiences of the Fall of New France and Acadia
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor of Canadian History in the Department of History at Huron University College (Western University)

Dr. Francis Peddie

2012 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin and Anne Rubenstein) Young, Well-Educated and Adaptable People: Chilean Exiles, Identity and Daily Life in Canada, 1973 to Present Day
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Development of Nagoya University, Japan

Dr Steve Penfold

2002 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) The Social Life of Donuts: Commodity and Community in Postwar Canada
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto

Dr. Kato Perdue

2014 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Kate McPherson) Writing Desire: The Love letters of Frieda Fraser and Edith Williams

Dr Robert John Perrins

1996 (October)

  • (Supervisors: D. Lary/Bernard Luk) “Great Connections”: The Creation of a City, Dalian, 1905-1931. China and Japan of the Liaodong Peninsula
  • Current Employment: University Provost Mount St. Mary's University

Dr Adele Perry


  • (Supervisors: Bettina Bradbury and Craig Heron) Gender, Race, and the Making of Colonial Society: British Columbia, 1858-1871
  • Current Employment:  Professor, Department of History, University of Manitoba

Dr Emilie Pigeon

2017 (April)

  • (Supervisor:  Carolyn Podruchny) Au nom du Bon Dieu et du Buffalo:  Metis Lived Catholicism on the Northern Plains
  • Current Employment: Part time Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Ottawa

Dr Liza Piper


  • (Supervisor: H. V. Nelles) Harnessing the Wet West: Environment and Industrial Order on the Large Lakes of Subarctic Canada, 1921-1960’
  • Current Employment:  Associate Professor, Department of History & Classics, University of Alberta

Dr James Michael Pitsula

1979 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The Relief of Poverty in Toronto, 1880-1930
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Regina

Dr Elizabeth Polak

  • (Supervisor: Anne Rubenstein) Conventual Contracts: Power and Property in Oaxaca

Dr. Michael Popylansky

2013 (February)

  • (Supervisor Marcel Martel) Devenir majoritaires: Les destins divergents des neo-nationalismes quebecois et acadien, 1960-1985

Dr Gillian Poulter

1999 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore) Becoming Native in a Foreign Land: Visual Culture, Sport, and Spectacle in the Construction of National Identity in Montreal, 1840-1885
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History and Classics, Acadia University

Dr Audrey Pyée

2005 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Yves Frenette) « La terre promise: migration de France vers Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes et Saint-Claude, Manitoba, 1890-1914
  • Current Employment : Associate Professor of History at Glendon, York University

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Dr. Kristopher Radford

2013 (October)

  • (Supervised by Douglas Peers) "Exalted Order: Muslim Princes and the British Empire 1874-1906

Dr Ian Walter Radforth

1985 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) Bushworkers and Bosses: A Social History of the Northern Ontario Logging Industry, 1900-1980
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto

Dr Jose Raposo

1989 (June)

  • (Supervisor: John Bosher) Don Gabriel de Silva, A Portuguese-Jewish Banker in Eighteenth Century Bordeaux
  • Current Employment: Independent Researcher

Dr Richard Allan Rajala

1994 (October)

  • (Supervisor Craig Heron) Clear cutting the Pacific Coast: Production, Science and Regulation in the Douglas Fir Forests of Canada and the United States, 1880-1965
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas, University of Victoria

Dr Geoffrey Read

2006 (Oct)

  • (Supervisor: William Irvine) From Left to Right: Gender and Politics in Interwar France
  • Current Employment:  Associate Professor of History, Huron at Western University

Dr. Jason Reid


  • (Supervisor: Molly Ladd-Taylor) A Room of One's Own: The Emergence of Teen Room Culture in America, 1800-1985
  • Current Employment:  Course Director Ryerson University

Dr Chad Reimer

1995 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The Making of British Columbia History: Historical Writing and Institutions, 1784-1958.

Dr Pierre Claude Reynard

1994 (July)

  • (Supervisor John Bosher) La papeterie ambertoise au XVIIIe siècle: une prospérité fragile et stérile
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Western Ontario

Dr Fabio Fernando Rizi

1999 (December)

  • (Supervisor: William Irvine) Benedetto Croce and Italian Fascism
  • Current Employment: Independent Researcher

Dr Daniel J. Robinson

1996 (December)

  • (Supervisor Jack L. Granatstein) Polling Consumers and Citizens: Opinion Sample Surveys and the Rise of the Canadian Marketing Polity, 1928-1945
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Angela Rooke

2014 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) Raising Christian Citizens for the Twentieth Century: Children, Religion and Society in Protestant Ontario
  • Current Employment:  Manager, Professional Skills and Postdoctoral Affairs, Graduate Studies, University of Waterloo

Dr Mark Steven Rosenfeld

1990 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Tom Traves) “She Was a Hard Life”, Work, Family, Community, Politics, and Ideology in the Railway Ward of a Central Ontario Town, 1900-1960
  • Current Employment:  Executive Director of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations

Dr Daniel Ross

2017 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Marcel Martel)  Remaking Downtown Toronto: Politics, Development, and Public Space on Yonge Street, 1950-1980

Dr Ronald Rudin

1977 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Jack T. Saywell) The Development of Four Quebec Towns, 1840-1914: A Study of Urban and Economic Growth in Quebec
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, Concordia University

Dr. Lisa Rumiel

2009 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Gina Feldberg) Random Murder by Technology: The Role of Scientific and Biomedical Experts in the Anti-Nuclear Movement, 1969-1992
  • Current Employment:  Director, Office of Research Services, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto

Dr. Jason Russell

2010 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) The Union Local in Post-Second-World War Canada: A Case Study of UAW/CAW Local 27 From 1950-1990
  • Current Empoloyment: Assistant Professor of Labor Studies, Empire State College, Cheektowaga N.Y.

Dr Myra Rutherdale

1996 (May)

  • (Supervisor: William Westfall) Models of Grace and Boundaries of Culture: Women Missionaries on a Northern Frontier, 1860-1940

Dr Robert A Rutherdale

1993 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein), The Home Front: Consensus and Conflict in Lethbridge, Guelph and Trois-Rivieres during the Great War
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Algoma University

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Dr Mohammed Bashir Salau

2005 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) The Growth of Plantation Economy in Sokoto Caliphate: Fanisau, 1819-1903
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor in the Department of History, University of Mississippi

Dr Karlee Sapoznik

2015 (December)

  • "Who/If/When to Marry, It's a Choice: A History of Forced Marriage in Canada, 1948-2008

2015 (December)

Dr. Samira Saramo

2014 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Roberto Perin) Life Moving Forward: Soviet Karelia in the Letters & Memoirs of Finnish North Americans

Dr Charles Allen Seager

1981 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) A Proletariat in Wild Rose Country: The Alberta Coal Miners, 1905-1945
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas, Department of History, Simon Fraser University

Dr Phyllis Senese

1975 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The World, the Flesh and the Devil: The Crusade of Lionel Groulx, 1878-1967.
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas, Department of History, University of Victoria

Dr Suzanne Le-May Sheffield

1997 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Bernard Lightman) Beyond the Mask of Gender: Three Victorian Scientist-Naturalists
  • Current Employment: Director (Programs) for the Centre for Learning and Teaching, Dalhousie University

Dr Michael M. Sheng

1991 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Jerome Ch’en) Maoist Dualism and Chinese Communist Foreign Relations, 1935-1950
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of History, The University of Akron

Dr Myer Siemiatycki

1986 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) Labour Contained: The Defeat of a Rank and File Workers’ Movement in Canada, 1914-1921
  • Current Employment: Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

Dr Christine Sismondo

2017 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron) Toronto the Gay:  The Formation of a Queer Counterpublic in Public Drinking Spaces, 1947-1981

Dr. Bradley Skopyk

2010 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Richard Hoffmann) Undercurrents of Conquest: The Shifting Terrain of Indigenous Agriculture in Colonial Tlaxcala, Mexico
  •  Current Employment:: Assistant Professor Binghamton University

Dr Lee Slinger

2015 (January)

  • (Supervisor:  Nicholas Rogers)  The Purchase of the Past:  The Elizabethan Past and the uses of History in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Current Employment: Sessional Instructor at OCAD University and Ryerson University

Dr. David Smith

2002 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Michiel Horn) Intellectual Activist: Graham Spry, A Biography

Dr Sean Stilwell


  • (Supervisor: Paul Lovejoy) The Kano Mamluks: Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate, 1807-1903
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor and Director of African Studies Program, University of Vermont

Dr Robert Louis Stein

1975 (February)

  • (Supervisor: John Bosher) The Nantes Slave Traders, 1793-1815
  • Current Employment: Independent Researcher

Dr Mark Jay Stern

1979 (November)

  • (Supervisor: M Katz) The Demography of Capitalism: Industry, Class, and Fertility in Erie County, New York, 1855-1915

Dr. Shannon Stettner

2011 (November)

  • (Supervisors: Bettina Bradbury and Gina Feldberg) Women and Abortion in English Canada: Public Debates and Political Participation, 1959-70
  • Current Employment: Contract Faculty, University of Waterloo

Dr Sara Ann Stratton

1998 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Molly Ladd-Taylor) An Embattled Idealism: Land Reform, the Alliance for Progress, and the Struggle for Social Justice in American Foreign Policy
  • Current Employment: Campaigns Coordinator, Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives

Dr Erik Strikwerda

2007 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron), The City and the Depression on the Canadian Prairies; Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg, 1929-1935
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Athabasca University

Dr Todd Stubbs

2007 (July)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron), Visions of the Common Good: Britishness, Citizenship, and the Public Sphere in Nineteenth-Century Toronto
  • Current Employment:  Contract Lecturer at Lakehead University

Dr Jonathan Sufrin

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore ), The Canadian Apocalypse: Disappointed Nationalists and the End of the Canadian Nation, 1963-1995
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Lecturer, Writing Department, York University

Dr Kenneth Michael Sylvester

1997 (April)

  • (Supervisor Fernand Ouellet), Montcalm: the Transformation of Rural Life in a Prairie Community, 1870-1940
  • Current Employment: Adjunct Researcher at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, University of Michigan.

Dr Judith Szapor

2001 (September)

  • (Supervisor: Bettina Bradbury) The Possibilities and Impossibilities of this Semi-Century: The Life of Laura Polanyi, 1882-1959
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History, McGill University

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Dr. Guillaume Teasdale

2010 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Carolyn Podruchny) The French of Orchard Country: Territory, Landscape and Ethnicity in the Detroit River Region, 1680-1810s
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Windsor

Dr John David Thomas

1991 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) “A Pure and Popular Character” : Case Studies in the Development of the Methodist ‘Organizational’ Church, 1884-1925.

Dr. Christopher Tiessen


Dr. Joseph Tohill

2012 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Molly Ladd-Taylor) "A Consumer's War": Price Control and Political Consumerism in the United States and Canada During World War II
  • Current Employment: Contract Faculty at York University and Ryerson University

Dr Henry Manuel Trachtenberg

1984 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Irving Abella) “The Old Clo’ Move”: Anti-Semitism, Politics, and the Jews of Winnipeg, 1882-1921

Dr Karen Travers

2015 (June)

  • (Supervisor: David McNab) Seeing With Two Eyes: Colonial Policy, the Huron Tract Treaty and Changes in the Land in Lambton County, 1780-1867

Dr Thomas Donald Traves

1976 (March)

  • (Supervisors: Ramsay Cook and Jack T. Saywell) Security and Enterprise: Canadian Manufacturers and the State, 1917-1931

Dr Jamie Trepanier

2015 (April)

  • (Supervisor:  Marcel Martel) Building Boys, Building Canada: The Boy Scout Movement in Canada, 1908-1970
  • Current Employment:  Curator, Post -Confederation Canada, Canadian Museum of History

Dr. Melisa Turkstra


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Dr Molly Ungar

2003 (March)

  • (Supervisor: Ramsay Cook) The Last Ulysseans: Culture and Modernism in Montreal, 1930-1939.
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, British Columbia

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Dr Jonathan Vance

1993 (May)

  • (Supervisor Jack L. Granatstein), Providing for Canadians in Enemy Hands through the 20th Century
  • Current Employment: Professor and Canada Research Chair, Department of History, University of Western Ontario

Dr Stanley Herbert Vittoz

1979 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Gabriel Kolko), The American Industrial Economy and the Political Origins of Federal Labor Policy between the World Wars

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Dr Christopher Robb Waddell

1981 (October)

  • (Supervisor: Jack L. Granatstein), The Wartime Prices and Trade Board: Price Control in Canada in World War II
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor and Associate Director, School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University

Dr John Henry Wadland

1976 (December)

  • (Supervisor: R. J. Storr), Ernest Thompson Seton: Man in Nature and the Progressive Era, 1880-1915
  • Current Employment: Professor Emeritas , Department of Canadian Studies, Trent University

Dr Sharon Wall

2003 (February)

  • (Supervisor: Craig Heron), Negotiating Modernity: Nature and Nurture at Ontario Children’s Camps, 1920-1955
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Winnipeg

Dr. Andrew Watson

2014 (May)

  • (Supervisor: Colin Coates) Poor Soils and Rich Folks: Household Economics and Sustainability in Muskoka, 1850-1920
  • Current Employment:  Assistant Professor, University of Saskatechewan

Dr Todd Webb

2006 (Winter)

  • (Supervisor: William Westfall), The Religious Atlantic: British Wesleyanism and the Formation of an Evangelical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Ontario and Quebec."
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of History, Laurentian University

Dr Richard Wenghofer

2009 (June)

  • (Supervisor: J. Rives) "Racism and National Identity in Ancient Greece and Rome"
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Classical Studies at Nipissing University, North Bay

Dr Ryan Whibbs

2014 (December)

  • (Supervisor: Elizabeth Cohen) God Sends Meate but the Devil Sends Cookes: Cooks Working in French and English Great Households, c1350-1650
  • Current Employment: Chairperson of the School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Paterson Global Foods Institute, Red River College

Dr. Terence Wilde

2014 (August)

  • (Supervisor: Kate McPherson) Masculinity, Medicine and Mechanization: The Construction of Occupational Health in Northern Ontario, 1890-1925

Dr Donald G. Wileman

1988 (July)

  • (Supervisor: William Irving), L’Alliance républicaine démocratique: The Dead Centre of French Politics, 1901-1947

Dr William Harry Wiley

1996 (May)

  • (Supervisor Michael H. Kater), “Onward to New Deeds!” The German Field Army and War Crimes during the Second World War

Dr Michelle White

2001 (January)

  • (Supervisor: Ian Gentles), Meddlesome Henrietta Maria: The Actual and Perceived Significance of Charles 1’s Wife during the English Civil Wars
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Tennessee (Chattanooga).

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Dr. Jay Young

2012 (June)

  • (Supervisor: Marlene Shore) Searching for a Better Way: Subway Life and Metropolitan Growth in Toronto 1942-1978
  • Current Employment: Outreach Officer at Archives of Ontario

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Dr. David Zylberberg

2014 (April)

  • (Supervisor: Jeanette Neeson) Plants and Fossils: Household Fuel Consumption in Hampshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire 1750-1830