About Us

History department staff enjoy Fall 2014 York U spirit day

The Graduate Program in History at York University is distinguished by a vibrant intellectual climate embracing a wide range of geographical and thematic areas of historical research. Long known for its strength in Canadian History, York also has other areas of research and supervisory depth such as British, European, and American History; Comparative, Global and Transnational History; Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America and the History of the Ancient World.

In addition, the Graduate Program in History now runs fields in History of Sciences, Health and Environments and East Asian History  and a Joint Collaborative Ph.D. Program in Ancient Greek and Roman History with the Graduate Program in Classics at the University of Toronto. The Graduate Program in History has been committed to developing thematic areas of historical interest which include cultural history; comparative, global and transnational history; migration and ethnicity; women, gender, and sexualities; politics, law and the state; sciences, health and environments; and social and economic history. York's Graduate Program in History is committed to providing graduate training at the Master's and PHD level that is both rigorous and lively, not only engaged with traditional areas of scholarship but also with newer innovations in historical research.

York's faculty include leading scholars who have won major prizes for their research and publication. The Graduate Program in History is structured around seminars and graduate fields on particular areas of historical interest led by these scholars.

York's graduate students have created and enjoy a dynamic and lively culture including programs of talks by prominent historians in the "Historian's Craft" series, the annual "New Frontiers in Graduate History Conference", as well as regular social events organized by the Graduate Student History Association.

Our students have a good record of winning external scholarships such as the OGS, SSHRC and Fulbright. Graduates of our MA program go on to graduate work at York and other universities, as well as to a range of jobs in other fields. Our doctoral students have an excellent placement rate in academic positions across Canada and elsewhere.

Diversity Statement

The Graduate Program in History recognizes that its educational mission is enhanced by a diverse faculty and student body. To fulfill its mission of excellence in teaching and research, the program encourages applications from qualified students of diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to women, native persons, people of various races and ethnic origins and persons with disabilities.