Admissions Deadline for September 2017 entry is December 14, 2016

The deadline for admissions entry beginning September 2017 has been set as December 14, 2016. Please ensure that all required documents are uploaded promptly to MyFile.

It is recommended that students start the application process before the deadline date as it is a two stage process.  The first step of the application process is where one fills out their personal information and pays the application fee.  Then once this is vetted by the Admissions office, applicants will be given access to MyFile, which is the next stage of the process.  It is in MyFile where all required documents are uploaded.  These documents can continue to be uploaded after the deadline date.

Applicants who wish to start the application process after December 14, 2017 must  contact Karen Dancy at for more information.

Please note that all University offices will be closed from Friday December 23 to Monday January 2, 2017.  E-mails will be read upon our return on Tuesday January 3, 2017.