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Akladios, Michael
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: Canadian history; North American immigration and ethnicity; Middle East Studies; Coptic Studies; diaspora
Dissertation: Ordinary Copts: Ecumenism, Activism, and Belonging in North American Cities (sup. R. Perin)

Alpizar, Leidy Marcela
PhD year 1
Areas of interest: African history, African diaspora, Caribbean, West Africa, biographies.


Armstrong, Aaron
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Social and cultural history of 19th-century Canada, esp. outside major urban centres.


Bae, Ludia
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Stained glass, war memorials, WWI, memory, public history, Canadian history
Dissertation: War Memorial Windows in Toronto, 1918-1929 (sup. R. Koopmans)


Bampe, Ioanna
PhD year 1
Areas of interest: Education, Childhood, Modern Greece, Canada, Higher Education, public policy
Dissertation: History of Education in the Modern Greek State: A comparative analysis (sup. S. Gekas)


Bouzinelos, Taso
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Roman military history;  race and ethnicity of Ancient Persia.
Major research paper: Greek and Roman Archaeological and Literary Representations of Persian/Parthian Ethnicity  (sup. B. Kelly, J. Edmondson, J. Trevett)


Burris, Kevin
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: 20th-century British history; mental health; the welfare state


Chainani, Nirvana
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Latin America and the Caribbean; Canada, Western Europe and West Africa


Consitt, Zachary
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: 19th- and 20th-century Canadian cultural history; modernity; World’s Fairs and Olympic Games.


Conti, Cristiana
PhD year 6
Areas of interest: Biblical prophecy and biblical exegesis.
Dissertation: 'The Curse of YHWH: Neo-Assyrian anti-witchcraft imagery in the Book of Jeremiah'


Couling, Marlee
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: Early Modern Europe; England; women; gender; crime; social history; cultural history; law; emotions; transnational
Dissertation: Allies, Accomplices, Avengers: The Alliances of Non-Elite Women in Early Modern England (sup. E. Cohen)


Dharsee, Zahir
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Decolonization

Farhan, Sara
PhD year 6
Areas of interest: Medicine in the modern Middle East, Education in the modern Middle East, Hashemite Iraq; sexuality and medicine; class formation and reproduction in society
Dissertation: The Making of Iraqi Doctors (sup. T. Abdullah)


Gagne, Alex
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Childhood immigration; Canadian; British; child welfare in Canada, and the state.
Dissertation: 'Perspectives of Nineteenth-Century Trans-Atlantic Child-Saving: Maria S. Rye and the Doyle Report' (sup. M. Martel)


Grimaldi, Virginia
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: 19th-century Britain; gender; childhood; health.


Hazzan, Dave
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Drugs and drug subcultures.


Henry, Natasha
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: Black Canadian History, African Diaspora
Dissertation: One Too Many: The Enslavement of Africans in Early Ontario, 1750-1834 (sup. Michele Johnson)


Hodgins, Jody
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Environment, veterinary medicine, rural Canada, animals.


Hughes, Alex
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Canadian and American history; cultural history; food history
Dissertation: 'The Pizza Effect: Pizza Culture of the Lower Great Lakes 1950-1990' (sup. M. Shore)


Irvine, Thomas
PhD year 1
Areas of interest: Pre-Roman and Roman North Africa, Numidian history and archaeology, Roman imperialism and subject peoples, race and ethnicity.
Jackson, Victoria
PhD year 6
Areas of interest: Indigenous (Wendat) childhood and family, colonialism, ethnohistory, Canadian history, kinship, adoption culture, Indigenous-settler relations.
Dissertation: Children and Childhood in Wendat Society, 1600-1700 (sup. C. Podruchny)


Jemirade, Dele
PhD year 6
Areas of interest: African economic, cultural, political and religious history
Dissertation: The Colonial Economy, Prosperity, and Depression in Kano Province of Northern Nigeria, 1897-1960 (sup. P. Lovejoy)


Lewis, Johanna
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: Comparative colonialisms; British imperialism; Indigenous history; Global history; Family history; Memory and historical production
Dissertation: "The Stories We Tell": Imperial lives, colonial legacies, and a family at home in empire

Machlouta, Dimitris
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Migration and diaspora; social movements and political activism; resistance against military dictatorships.
Major research paper: "Dear Co-Fighters"; The Inter-American Federation for Freedom and Democracy in Greece and its Anti-Junta Campaign (1967-1969) (sup. S. Gekas)


McCloskey, Erica
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: Canadian history, gender, welfare state, nutrition policy, food.
Dissertation: Making Sense of the Kitchen: Home Economics, Dietetics, and the State in Canada, 1948-1960 (sup. J. Stephen)


Mitrovic, Milos
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Early modern history, Machiavelli, Renaissance Florence

Molas, Barbara
PhD year 2
Areas of interest: Transnational intellectual history, esp. anti-communist groups and movements (1930s-1950s) in Canada and Europe.


Moretto, Enrico
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: Sexual education, moral panic and the World Wars.
Dissertation: Two Conflicts, One Conundrum: Venereal Disease Control and Education in Canada's World Wars (sup. M. Martel)


Murchison, Daniel
PhD year 3


Nahmias, Noa
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: History of science, Modern China, material and cultural history
Dissertation:  Making Popular Science: Visuals, Objects and Knowledge in China ca. 1920-1950 (sup. J. Judge)


Naismith, Carly
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: 19th- and 20th-century Canada; medical.


Primiani, Michael
MA year 1
Areas of interest: World's fairs, futurism, consumer culture, corporate history, the history of Yorkville in the 1960s, the cultural history of cities.
Major Research Paper: The History Of Tomorrow: The Future As Presented at the Fair
Prochnow, Kyle
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: Precolonial and colonial West Africa; the Atlantic world; slavery and abolition; African military history; British empire
Dissertation: An African Fighting Force in the Age of Revolution: The Slave Trade, Diaspora, and the West India Regiments (sup. P. Lovejoy)


Rajasingham, Faith
MA, year 1
Areas of interest: South Asian immigration to Canada, diaspora, memory, family and kinship.


Rawcliffe, Dalton
PhD year 1
Areas of interest: impact of Chinese Cultural Revolution outside mainland China; UK; Hong Kong.
Dissertation: The Cultural Revolution and the British Chinese: Radicalization of a Transnational Community”  (sup. J. Fogel)

Robertshaw, Matthew
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: Caribbean, Haiti, Africa, French colonialism, popular culture, sport, literature.
Dissertation: A Longing for Saint-Domingue: The Haitian Revolution and the Rise and Fall of French West Africa (sup. P. Lovejoy)


Rohrig, Samantha
PhD year 5
Areas of interest: Early Christian literature, esp. New Testament apocrypha and martyrologies; Jewish and Greco-Roman roots of early Christianity; Greek and Roman social history; slavery; religion; women and families.
Dissertation: The Characterization of Slaves in Early Christian Narratives (sup. P. Harland)


Ross, Morgan
MA year 2
Areas of interest: urban history; Toronto.
Major research Paper: The Making of Trinity Bellwoods Park (sup. J. Bonnell)


Schell, Tara
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Religious history, Canadian history, Ritual and Performance Studies, immigration, folklore and myth-making.
Major Research Paper: Power and Piety: The Role of Religious Ritual in Ultramontane Montreal (sup. R. Perin)


Scott, Moira
PhD year 4
Areas of interest: Socio-cultural aspects of remembrance. World Wars I and II, The Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Dissertation: Memory, Memorialization and Commemoration, The Canadian Armed Forces in World War One


Smith, Wendy
PhD year 4
Areas of interest: Early Upper Canada and the founding of Toronto.......
Dissertation: Propriety: Peter Russell, his sister Eliza, their slave Peggy, Mississauga chief Wabakinine, and the founding of Toronto (sup. K. McPherson)


Starr, Taylor
MA year 1
Areas of interest: Canada; intellectual and cultural; state, politics, and law; gender.
Major research paper: Hidden Figures in Twentieth-century Canada (sup. M. Shore)
Syme, Zachary
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: Animal studies, World War I, the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Foucauldian theory; mapping ecosystems; environmental history.
Dissertation: Shock and Awww: the Semiotic Work of Canadian Animal Mascots, 1914-1918 (sup. S. Kheraj)


Torch, Barry
PhD year 6
Areas of interest: Renaissance Italy; Papacy; Rome; social and cultural history; religion; historiography.
Dissertation: Working in a world of words: Humanists and the Book as a Gift in Renaissance Rome, 1440-1480 (sup. T. Cohen),


Véras, Bruno
PhD year 4
Areas of interest: Digital humanities, Africa, Latin America, Slavery, African diasporas, Ottoman diplomacy.
Vogel, Chris
PhD year 4
Areas of interest: Late Qing China; gender; opera; human trafficking; sexuality; self-fashioning.


Zhang, Angela
PhD year 3
Areas of interest: Renaissance Florence; slavery and the slave trade.
Dissertation: Investing in Infidels: Slavery in Trecento and Quattrocento Florence (sup. M. Jurdjevic),