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Akladios, Michael
Phd  year 5
Canadian History; North American Immigration and Ethnicity; Middle East Studies; Coptic Studies; Diaspora
Dissertation: Ordinary Copts: Ecumenism, Activism, and Belonging in North American Cities (sup. R. Perin)
Armstrong, Aaron
PhD year 2
Aaron specializes in the social and cultural history of 19th century Canada, focusing on life outside of major urban centers.
Burris, Kevin
PhD year 5
Twentieth Century British History; History of Mental Health; History of the Welfare State
Consitt, Zachary
PhD year 2
Research interest includes Canadian Cultural History in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Specifically, the ways Canada displayed their perceptions of modernity by hosting and participating in international spectacles such as World’s Fairs and Olympic Games.
Conti, Cristiana
PhD year 6
Cristiana Conti is a PhD student in the Department of History at York University. She is currently working as a Research Assistant at the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, a research center housed at York where she is a graduate student resident. Her research focuses on the development of biblical prophecy and biblical exegesis. The (provisional) title of her thesis is 'The Curse of YHWH: Neo-Assyrian Anti-Witchcraft Imagery in the Book of Jeremiah.' Her teaching focuses on comparative religion and ancient Near Eastern and Israelite history and religion.
Dissertation:  The Curse of YHWH: Neo-Assyrian Anti-Witchcraft Imagery in the Book of Jeremiah
Farhan, Sara
Phd year 6
History of Medicine in the modern Middle East, History of Education in the modern Middle East, Hashemite Iraq, Sexuality and Medicine, Class Formation, Class Reproduction in Society
Dissertation: The Making of Iraqi Doctors (sup. T. Abdullah)
Gagne, Alex
PhD year 2
History of Childhood Immigration, Canadian history, British History, History of Child Welfare in Canada, and the history of State Governance.
Dissertation: Perspectives of Nineteenth-Century Trans-Atlantic Child-Saving: Maria S. Rye and the Doyle Report (sup. M. Martel)
Grimaldi, Virginia
PhD year 3
Virginia Lynn Grimaldi is a practicing elementary school teacher and a PhD student in History at York University. As a social/cultural historian-in-the-making, her research attempts to answer questions concerning gender issues, the power of melodrama and media, sexuality, discourse, and human agency in nineteenth century Britain. Her Masters thesis explored gender expectations under the “politics of respectability” through the lens of the London Foundling Hospital in Victorian London using a Foucauldian framework. In looking at the options, or lack thereof, for single, unwed, and pregnant working women in London in the mid-1800s, she hopes to highlight the societal and governmental influence on the private lives of London’s “fallen” women at the peak of the Industrial Revolution.
Currently, Virginia is researching and writing her dissertation, which expands on her MRP. It also will include a chapter reflecting on archives as political entities, and how they demonstrate the ideological, political, or national intentions encoded in their founding, documents, and structures, which underscore the objectives behind the construction and management of historical institutions like the London Foundling Hospital. This is important as it exposes the nature of researchers’ interactions with archives, and encourages scholars to expand their definitions of evidence. For instance, the LMA archives unveil that the children, under the care of hospital regulators, were seen by the hospital as a social experiment to see if children of the poor could be conditioned out of their ‘inherent immorality.’
Hazzan, Dave
PhD year 2
Drugs and drug subcultures
Henry, Natasha
PhD year 3
Black Canadian History, African Diaspora
Dissertation: One Too Many: The Enslavement of Africans in Early Ontario, 1750 - 1834 (sup. Michele Johnson)
Hughes, Alex
PhD year 2
Canadian and American History, Cultural History, Food History
Dissertation: 'The Pizza Effect: Pizza Culture of the Lower Great Lakes 1950-1990' (sup. M. Shore)
Jackson, Victoria
PhD year 6
Indigenous (Wendat) childhood and family, colonialism, ethnohistory, Canadian history, kinship, adoption culture, Indigenous-settler relations
Dissertation: 'Children and Childhood in Wendat Society, 1600-1700' (sup. C. Podruchny)
Jemirade, Dele
PhD year 6
Africa, Economic History, Cultural History, Political History and History of Religion.
Dissertation: The Colonial Economy, Prosperity, and Depression in Kano Province of Northern Nigeria, 1897-1960
McCloskey, Erica
PhD year 5
Canadian history, gender, welfare state, nutrition policy, food.
Dissertation: Making Sense of the Kitchen: Home Economics, Dietetics, and the State in Canada, 1948-1960 (sup. J. Stephen)
Molas, Barbara
PhD year 2
I study intellectual transnational history, in particular anti-communist groups and movements (1930s-1950s) in Canada and in Europe.
Moretto, Enrico
PhD year 3
Sexual education, moral panic and the World Wars.
Dissertation: Two Conflicts, One Conundrum: Venereal Disease Control and Education in Canada's World Wars (sup. M. Martel)
Nahmias, Noa
PhD year 5
History of Science, Modern China, Material Culture, Cultural History
Dissertation:  Making Popular Science: Visuals, Objects and Knowledge in China ca. 1920-1950 (sup. Joan Judge)
Naismith, Carly
PhD year 5
My dissertation is a cultural history of how Canadian medical schools procured cadavers for dissection from 1823 until 1950. My project aims to describe how schools set up illicit channels of procurement, provide insight into how individuals were selected for dissection, and chronicle how the practice adapted over the years in relation to changing laws and attitudes.
Prochnow, Kyle
PhD year 5
Precolonial and colonial West Africa; the Atlantic world; slavery and abolition; African military history; British empire
Dissertation: An African Fighting Force in the Age of Revolution: The Slave Trade, Diaspora, and the West India Regiments (sup. P. Lovejoy)
Robertshaw, Matthew
PhD year 3
The Caribbean, Haiti, Africa, French colonialism, popular culture, sport, literature, nineteenth century, twentieth century
Dissertation: A Longing for Saint-Domingue: The Haitian Revolution and the Rise and Fall of French West Africa (sup. P. Lovejoy)
Rohrig, Samantha
PhD year 5
Early Christian literature, particularly the New Testament apocrypha and martyrologies; the Jewish and Greco-Roman roots of early Christianity; cultural and “religious” identities in the Greco-Roman world; Greek and Roman social history; slavery in the Greco-Roman world; Roman religion; women and families in antiquity.
Dissertation: The Characterization of Slaves in Early Christian Narratives (working title) (sup. P. Harland)
Scott, Moira
PhD year 4
Socio-Cultural aspects of Remembrance. World Wars One and Two, The Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Dissertation: Draft: Memory, Memorialization and Commemoration, The Canadian Armed Forces in World War One
Smith, Wendy
PhD year 4
Early Upper Canada and the founding of Toronto
Dissertation: Propriety: Peter Russell, his sister Eliza, their slave Peggy, Mississauga chief Wabakinine, and the founding of Toronto (sup. K. McPherson)
Torch, Barry
PhD year 6

The Papal Court and the Renaissance Papacy; Medieval and Renaissance Rome; Renaissance Social and Cultural History; Late Medieval and Early Modern Religion; The Teaching and Practice of History; Historiography and “The Renaissance” as a historical concept; The long fifteenth century and Early Modern Europe; Historiography and Philosophy of History.
Dissertation:"Working in a world of words: Humanists and the Book as a Gift in Renaissance Rome, 1440-1480." (sup. T. Cohen),

Vogel, Chris
PhD year 4
Late Qing China, gender, opera, human trafficking, sexuality, self-fashioning.

Zhang, Angela
PhD year 3
My work focuses on slavery in Renaissance Florence with a particular interest in the social and cultural exchanges between slaves and their owners. I also compare the legal statutes and cultural norms surrounding slaves with how slaves operated from the ground up. My dissertation will be an overview of the late-Medieval and early modern slave trade as a function of ideas of European exceptionalism and a precursor to the Atlantic slave trade.
Dissertation: Investing in Infidels: Slavery in Trecento and Quattrocento Florence (sup. M. Jurdjevic),