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Graduate Computer Lab

The Graduate Computer Lab is located in 2181 Vari Hall. The lab has 6 Dell PCs and 2 Mac computers. There are 2 black and white printers, one color printer and 2 scanners available for use to graduate students.

You will be required to have a Novell account username and password in order to use thecomptuers in the lab. Please read the information below on how to obtain a Novell username and password.

Computing at York University is split into two seperate units:

  1. The first section is administered by Computing and Network Services (CNS). This unit manages the campus network and remote access infrastructure; offers university-wide applications and services such as e-mail, the York web site, central computer labs,the server for student web pages (including graduate students) the Help Desk; provides technical support for desktop systems and Unix support for central systems. CNS works with Faculty and department based computing units. CNS reports to the Associate Vice-President (Academic Information Services
  2. The second section is administered by Academic Technology Services (ATS). This unit manages the Arts network on which reside the History Department and thereforeall of the computing equipment in the History Computer Laboratory in 2181. ATS also administers computer accounts for access to the Arts' Novell server. An ATS account is necessary for all graduate students and faculty who wish to utilize the Graduate Computer Laboratory to print. All other functions in the lab are accessible without an ATS account. This ATS account is separate from all your CNS accounts.

Obtaining a York Graduate CNS Computer Account

Upon registration with the Graduate History Department the student must obtain a Manage My Services account (formerly the MAYA) computer account from any of the PCs or MACs in The Computing Commons at William Small Centre or you can access the account online and click on "Manage My Services". In order to recieve a Manage my Services account from the web you will require your student number and your date of birth.

  • Click on Student Sign Up and read on.
  • Enter your student number.
  • Enter your date of birth as shown.
  • You will then be prompted to re-type your current password which is (for students
  • only) your date of birth as typed in the previous step.
  • Next you will be prompted to create a new password (now called the Passport York password-formerly your MAYA password).Your new Passport York password:
  • must be 7 or 8 characters long
  • must use numbers or letters - NO Repeats and it cannot be a dictionary word
  • Type your new password and then retype it to verify. Now you will be prompted to choose a new Passport York username (formerly
    your MAYA username).
  • Type a new Passport York username and click on the Set Username button.
  • Your new Passport York username will be used in all subsequent logins usingPassport York. Your student/employer number will no longer work.
  • At this point Passport York will log you out forcing you to login again. This is toverify that your new username and password have been set.
  • Remember to login using your new username and password which you just set.

Once you have a Manage My Services account you can then "create" and "manage" all of your CNS York computer accounts:

Upon recieving an e-mail account from Manage My Services you must forward the following:

  • Your York e-mail address (non-York e-mail addresses are not acceptable)
  • Your full name as York knows it
  • Your York student number to the Graduate Computer Assistant by sending an e-mail to gcomplab@yorku.ca.

Upon receipt of this information the Graduate Computer Assistant will forward this all to ATS in order to validate a Novell server account for use of the History Computer Laboratory systems.

  • An ATS account normally takes two business days.
  • After the two business days: log in using your e-mail username
  • Your password will be your student number (only for the first log-in) (You will automatically be prompted to change your password, and from then on you will use your e-mail username as log-in and your new password).
  • This account gives you access to all of the computers in the History Computer Laboratory in 2181 Vari Hall

You can then access your e-mail, printing and all of computers and their resources in the Graduate History Department computer laboratory

York University Graduate Student Web Accounts

  • Activate your Web Account using your CNS account.
  • Create your Web pages in a web development program like Netscape Composer, MS
    Front Page, Corel WP or MS Word.
  • Using an FTP program forward your files to your new server, using the following
    protocals.Profile name: type the title of your web page
    Host Type: Automatic Detect
    Host Name: www.student.yorku.ca
    User ID: Type in your username
    Password: Type in your web account password
  • Once you have transferred your files they can be viewed on an Internet browser at:
    http://www.student/yorku.ca/~username or http://www.student/yorku.ca/~username/index.htm

If you have any problems, questions or complaints please feel free to contact the Graduate Computer Assistant at gcomplab@yorku.ca .

Software & Hardware available at the Graduate Computer Lab

This list will be updated shortly...