Graduate History Student Association

What is the G.H.S.A?

The GHSA is the Graduate History Student Association, an organization that supports the educational needs and provides social activities for graduate history students. The membership of the GHSA consists of all part-time and full-time students registered in programs leading to graduate degrees in History at York.

The GHSA holds monthly meetings to address students’ interests and concerns. Members elect an executive and appoint representatives to various department, union and university committees.

The GHSA hosts Historian’s Crafts, orientation events, a book sale and New Frontiers, a graduate student history conference.

We welcome new and returning students to get involved by participating in GHSA sponsored events, holding elected positions and volunteering to help on committees and at events.

The G.H.S.A. Executive 2015-16

Maryann Buri and Max Smith (Post-Comps PhD Students)

  • Conducts regular meetings
  • Plans Historian's Crafts
  • Represents G.H.S.A. on department and faculty committees

Matthew Benedict (M.A. Student)

  • Takes the place of the co-president when he or she are unable to fulfil duties
  • Chairs book sale committee

Ji Young Kim

  • Managing the G.H.S.A finances

Barry Torch

  • Records and distributes minutes
  • Coordinates GHSA committees

Erica McCloskey (PhD), Sheila Gibbons (PhD), Christopher Vogel (MA)
Equity Officers

  • Coordinates anti-oppression activities
  • Is a resource person for equity information

Chelesea Bauer, Kevin Burris
CUPE 3903 Stewards (Unit 1)

Bryan Ramos
CUPE 3903 Stewards (Unit 3)

  • Represent history students at union meetings

Noa Nahmias, Danielle Brouwer, Marharyta Radzevich, Nina Kniazeva
Document Editors

  • Publish G.H.S.A newsletter Document

Michael Akladios (PhD), Kevin Guertin, David Leonard, Sam Barber (MA), Julia Pyryeskina (MA)
New Frontiers Chairs

  • Organize 2014 New Frontiers in Graduate History Conference.

Fall Elections:
GHSA Executive: Vice-President (M.A. student), Treasurer, Secretary
Graduate program Positions: Admissions Committee (2 positions; post-comps Ph.D.students), Department Council (2), Scholarship/Awards Committee (2)
York Positions: Graduate Students’ Association (2 positions, plus 2 alternates)
Canadian Historical Association: York representative for CHA Graduate Student Committee (1) David Leonard
CUPE 3903 Positions: Unit 1 member (1)

Spring Elections:
GHSA Executive: Co-Presidents (2 post-comps PhD students), Equity Officer, Document Editors, New Frontier Conference Chairs CUPE 3903 Positions: Unit 3 members (2)

"The Historian's Craft"

The Historian's Craft is a series of talks conducted under the auspices of the Graduate History Students' Association (GHSA). Held monthly, the Historian's Craft primarily is an opportunity for intellectuals from outside of York's History Department to share their research and ideas with York historians and graduate students. Presentations can range from straight-forward history papers, to interactive discussions on methodology, to explorations of new and novel ways of 'doing history.' Recent Historian's Crafts have focused on such topics as the history of the salad, writing historical fiction and oral history. Historian's Craft presentations typically are 45-50 minutes and length, and are followed by a brief Question-and-Answer period, and an informal reception.

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