2017-2018 Course Timetable

GS HIST50013FDoing History: An IntroductionJ. TrevettM11:30 - 2:30D18A01DB 0015
GS HIST50253WConflicts of Religions in the Roman EmpireP. Harland F11:30 - 2:30Y82R011152 VH
GS HIST51723WState & Society in Canada 1945- presentM. MartelM8:30 - 11:30Y53C011152 VH
GS HIST51903FAboriginal History in North America before 1900C. PodruchnyW2:30 - 5:30X70G011152 VH
GS HIST54903WPostColon'l State Formations East & South AsiaJ. KimT2:30 - 5:30H97Q01S156 Ross
GS HIST55323FNorth American ImmigrationR. Perin F8:30 - 11:30R04Y011152 VH
GS HIST55433WNature and Society in the Industrial World: Global Environmental History since IndustrializationJ. BonnellF11:30 - 2:30H48C013000 VH
GS HIST55613FWomen's & Gender History: Part 1, 18th-19th CenturyM. JohnsonR8:30 - 11:30F00Y01S202 Ross
GS HIST55623WWomen's & Gender History: Part 2, The 20th CenturyM. JohnsonR8:30 - 11:30V47T013017 VH
GS HIST57016YModern Cultural History M. Shore and D. NeillW10:30 - 12:30Z94F011020 VH
GS HIST58306YContexts of Victorian ScienceB. LightmanW11:30 - 2:30V04J011152 VH
GS HIST59013WThe African DiasporaP. LovejoyM2:30 -5:30Y09E01304 SC
GS HIST59603FSocial History of CommoditiesJ. CurtoM2:30 - 5:30T87H01304 SC
GS HIST60306YTopics in the History of Canada (Ph.D. Field Course)M. ShoreT2:30 - 5:30B59X011152 VH
GS HIST60506YThemes in Social HistoryN. Rogers and J. JudgeR2:30 - 5:30S06Q011152 VH

F represents courses offered in Fall, W represents courses offered in Winter and Y represents courses offered full year.