New Fall Course on Postcolonial State Formation in East & South Asia

New Course on Postcolonial State Formations in East and South Asia GS HIST 5490 3.0 F
Professor Janice Kim
The course will be held on Fridays 11:30am - 2:30pm

This seminar investigates theories and histories of postcolonial state formations. Taking the notion of Westphalian sovereignty as a point of departure, it will question whether the promises of the system - sovereignty, legal equality, self-determination, and non-intervention – were fulfilled for postcolonial states emerging after 1945. The seminar will discuss questions such as: are anti-capitalist movements inevitable outcomes of colonial systems? Are there certain conditions that give rise to communist vis à vis ethnic and/or religiously focused revolutions? Does civil war always coincide with the formation of nation states? Does the founding of new nation states signify independence or the further dependence of the postcolonial world?

Due to the vast histories that coincide with state formation after 1945, the course can be limited by theoretical or geographical boundaries.